this is supposed to be the way i live?

well, time fliessssss! already passed 4 mths of being an intern!
i hav many experiences and found myslf a bit..

to be honest, i dnt like the way auditors are.. they're too much girlish.. plenty of rumors and gossiping all the time. ; (

then i decided to find masters degree schorlarship.. to change my field. is it possible?

oh! this semester i also hav a project to help urbaners but unfortunately my project hasnt been approved yet! so i hav to work more.. *sigh*


anyway, i'm quite bored wt my life now. i'm doing an intern again (which is my BIG mistake!)

i hav a fight wt my babe.. and because of the same probs :(

i'm sick of being inprivate on facebook..



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